Digital newspapers have bypassed traditional papers in relation to amount of readers. 
Key words for this development are easier access for the reader, instant updates of content and the possibility
of making digital links to relevant associated content. These are also the strengths of
publishing death notices online in the e-papers. We provide you with a complete 
plug-in solution for your newspaper, taking advantage of all these benefits. 
And, we promise to bring your company into the leading position
for online services targeting the funeral industry.


All notices are displayed.

All death notices submitted via the Adstate solution are
automatically displayed in the Iframe. They are displayed in
chronological order, unless the user sorts it differently
using the search function.



Search back in time.

All notices being received by the newspaper via the Adstate solution
can be found, independent on when NetNotice was activated.
It can go more than 10 years back in time.



Automatic link to the
memorial page and online donations.

If the funeral home activates an Adstate memorial page for the deceased, the link below the notice will automatically be activated. The same applies to the online donation service, even if it is activated later in time. The user is then only one click away from the homepage of the funeral home. This solution is efficient for the users and provides important visibility for the funeral homes.






Customised to each newspaper.

The colour of the design is adapted to the colour of the logo of the newspaper, giving the users
the feeling that it all takes place on the newspapers server. The newspaper can also
choose when the notices are to be displayed: immediately when created,
present time as the notice in the paper version or with X days delay.



100% facilitated by Adstate.

The system is an Iframe solution fully facilitated by Adstate. All you have to do as a
newspaper is to integrate the Url-link from the Iframe to your newspaper page.
The rest is taken care of by us. If you receive notices through other channels,
but want everything displayed in one solution, you can make internal use
of the Adstate death notice generation tool.