Donating money to charity organisations in the name of the deceased, is becoming increasingly popular.
Arranging this online makes it accessible to everyone 24/7. This online service benefits
those left behind and charity organisations with the most efficient automated and secured payment process.
The set-up is performed in 30 second per funeral and adds a caring service to your business.
We provide the latest innovative solution for professional funeral directors and promise
to bring you into the leading position for online services in the funeral industry.

Select your charity organisation

By selecting the wanted charity organisation from the search menu, you activate the online donation
feature on the memorial page and everything is automatically configured.



Integrated on the memorial page

If you have access to the memorial page solution provided by Adstate, you automatically also have access to the online donation service as an option on the memorial page.



 Separate donation solution

The donation solution can also be applied as a separate service, without the
complete memorial page functionality. The donation service in itself works
exactly the same way as when integrated on the memorial page.





Access from everywhere

Being a web-based solution it can be used everywhere, at any digital device including tablets, smartphones and computers. In some situations it can be beneficial to make use of our Gift Station to give people easy online access to the service, whether it is in the funeral home or in the church. 








In cooperation with
Just Giving and Love to Donate.

To receive access to a huge number of charities and safeguard the money handling, the service is managed in
cooperation with the leading organisations in this field. The handling of Gift Aid is of course also fully supported.


Safe money handling

By inserting the amount of money you wish to donate and your credit card details, the money goes via our
donation service partners to the specific charity. This process is safe and in line with
all governmental regulations for money handling.