Innovate and digitize your funeral business 

Our guiding star motivates us to make the day a little bit better for those who have lost a beloved one.

Our vision is to develop digital platforms where billions of people share their memories, pay their tributes and

purchase services in the funeral industry.  

Our mission is to innovate and lead the digital revolution

in the global funeral industry.



Simon Hansen Elvestad founded Market Management, the precursor to Adstate, back in 1998. Market Management offered their clients supervising in marketing strategies and business development. In 2000, as the focus changed into development and operation of IT solutions for the media- and funeral industry, Market Management became Adstate. Today Adstate operates trough its own companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Slovakia and United Kingdom. Eigil Rudsar was hired as CEO in November 2013 and both Simon and his wife Ellen Elvestad are still working in the company.



Who are we

Adstate is a multinational IT- and consultancy company in the media market, funeral industry and the recruitment business. All of our long-term strategies and daily decisions are based on our strong culture for innovations and generosity. We develop and host IT solutions, we educate Adstate users and provide first class support.