Bring families and friends together on your website and get long time relations. People who are looking for
practical information about the funeral or just a place to share the sorrow will appreciate your new online service. 
You will connect thousands of citizens to your company every year and build lasting relations by offering online
memorial page. The power of social media is a game changer in modern marketing. We provide you with the
latest innovative solution for professional funeral directors. We promise to bring you into the 
leading position for online services in the funeral industry.




Search and sharing

Adstate´s memorial site brings your funeral home into the digital age in a dignified way.
Families and friends search for information on Google and shares content on Facebook.
Traditionally this information has been announced in paper media and has always been
of highest interest. When you publish information about the funeral and families
and friends are doing donations or just sharing memories, this dignified
content will be searchable at Google and shared on Facebook.  
This brings families and friends together on your “website”.



Online condolences 
and lighting candles.

Many will show their care by writing a condolence and share some words in memory of the deceased. For other it´s hard to find words and they will feel good by lighting a candle, which symbolize their dedication.



Information about the funeral.

Practical information about the funeral with integration to Google Maps,
makes the memorial page to the natural "hub" for friends and family
to share and find information about the funeral.






Online Donation

We are pleased to offer our integrated solution for online donations at your funeral homes branded memorial site. This efficient online service benefits families, donators and charities with the most efficient automated and secured payment process. The set up of this service is done in 5 second per funeral and add a caring service to your business.




Let families and friends make a beautiful collection of pictures, video and music.
Our solution support uploading of files and embedding from sites like Youtube and Spotify.