Everyone who ever made a death notice knows the importance of accuracy. Accuracy not
only includes correct spelling, names or design of the death notice, but its absolutely needed even
when  it comes to price and insertion date. Create and book your death notices,
obituaries  and death announcement – simple, safe and fast.







Paper and digital media

When you create and book your death notice, obituary or death announcement, you can easily in a few click even publish this at the memorial site on your funeral home web site. If your local newspaper publish notices at their digital newspaper, our solution support transfer of data for this digital publishing. With our years of experience in the funeral industry you can feel safe by choosing Adstate.

Production of death notices

With help of our range of texts and symbols, the process of creating your death notices
and obituaries is flexible and user-friendly. In addition, Adstate can also assist you
with personal motives for symbols and design frames according to your and your
families demands. When the notice is produced, it will be according to given
specs from the various papers, and the price will be directly calculated. 
You can easily duplicate the notice and tailor it to other papers,
without having to re-type the content.




Adstate Death Notice System gives you access to a wide range of papers with a clear overview of distribution dates and deadlines. To simplify your future work flow, you can create a list of favorites in the system, containing your most frequently used media.


Order and invoicing service

When the order is submitted, it will be delivered directly to the chosen papers.
You will receive confirmation via sms and e-mail when the paper has confirmed your order.
Your order will be monitored and secured by Adstate customer service. If you like to add on our invoicing service,
you will receive the correct and discounted prices all aggregated in one easily managed monthly invoice.